Our interest and devotion to provide legal services in a professional manner is one of the most important reasons that led us to a distinguished position among law firms

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About Our Company

Our success is derived from our vision and dedication to strive for quality and excellence.

Our position as a leading law firm in Qatar is based on the presence of highly qualified and skilled lawyers plus international consultants with rich and solid experience. AAS law is made up of a team of lawyers and consultants that are able to deliver and provide exceptional professional support to client cases.

One Team, Many Talents

Our highly skilled and diverse team of lawyers and legal consultants come from many different countries and speak multiple languages so that we can serve a wide range of clients with a highest standards of professionalism and support.

Goal and Perception

Our Vision and Mission

Our policy is strict to adhere to all laws and regulations applicable in the State of Qatar. Our purpose is to always provide professional legal services worthy of our client’s trust and our goal is to maintain the bound of sustainable connection with whom we represent as an important part of our mission. We seek most to achieve our client’s interests and put into consideration to achieve their desired goals.

We strive that our office be an active member in providing diverse legal services with the international high-quality standards requirements. Keen to gain client’s trust by providing legal services that is satisfactory to their ambitions and guarantee agents’ interests and maintain the rule of law.

In addition to providing high level of professional legal services with utmost protection of the client’s rights in line with the inclusive development witnessed in the State of Qatar in the field of Legal profession.

The lawyer’s capital stems from trust, honesty and integrity as their personal behavior has great influence on their profession. The lawyer as the judge are the first to demonstrate good morals, honesty, integrity, truthfulness, diligent work and follow up of cases.

Our Company in Words

More About Us

The scope of work in the legal field is wide and branched, especially in the legal professions, which is considered to be one of specialized profession and supportive to judiciary that hand in hand strive to reach facts and achieve justice among members of society.

Experience, awareness and picking good choices at the appropriate time are in general among the basics of legal work. If these factors come together in one place, then surely results will be satisfactory to our clients, whether individuals or companies.

Since Abdulaziz Al Sorour Law Firm has gained great trust from the Committee for the Registration and Admission of Lawyers – Ministry of Justice as a Lawyer to stand in front of all levels of litigation, including and limited to the court of Cassation and Court of Appeal. We gained distinguished reputation for providing high level of consultancy and legal services to clients in diverse fields and we are proud to be a lead partner in the field of law and legal consultancy in the State of Qatar as well as establishing regional and international partnerships and relationships.

Our success is derived from our vision and strive to quality and excellence and applying accurate standards to reach and maintain our position in the summit. Our positioning is founded on the presence of qualified consultants fortified with long experience and also practicing lawyers with solid experience all of whom are able to deliver and provide professional support to client cases.

Our team of attorneys and legal advisors work with the principle to research, obtain and keep informed about all new laws, regulations, rulings and provisions of the Supreme Courts so that our office will always be among the first of law firms well-versed with everything new in the law and judiciary field.

We are distinguished by the aforementioned despite recently established office. Yet, office staff and their good selection are what places us among the eminent law firms in the State of Qatar.

Our business strategy has reflected the trust gained from clients of all levels. As dealing with transparency and credibility with clients without giving them any unsecured or irresponsible hopes are the basics of working in the office.

Moreover, our watchword is to help the judiciary to reach the truth and give everyone their rights in litigation. Trading or business and material profit are not our priority in this field.

Questions and Answers

General FAQs

You should contact a lawyer if you find yourself in any difficult situation or any situation where the police, public prosecution or court are involved.. These types of situations may have personal or financial consequences for you and may include: family law issues such as marriage, cohabitation, divorce, or inheritance issues; purchase or sale of real estate; disputes related to work, tax issues, contracts and contracts, business, housing and real estate issues; matters where you have been sued or want to sue someone or matters in connection for a crime.

You should contact a lawyer as soon as you feel that you need to talk to a legal expert. Don’t wait until the issue turns into a problem or conflict. The faster you contact a lawyer, the greater the chance that the conflict can be resolved through negotiation and that the problems can thereby be resolved.

According to good legal practice, a lawyer’s fees is reasonable. In assessing what is a reasonable fee for an assignment, consideration may be given to what has been agreed with the client, the scope of the assignment, its nature, degree of difficulty and significance, as well as the lawyer’s skill, the work’s results and other such circumstances.

If the case you have is clearly delineated, you can get an estimate of the costs from the beginning.  If your case is more complex or if after closer investigation into your case, the situation is more complex then there might be additional fees that are charged.

The lawyer is obliged to work in accordance with good legal practice, which means, among other things, that the lawyer’s main task is to best protect his client’s interests to the best of his ability.

The details of each case are different and the specific details of your case will determine the length of time it will take to reach a settlement but every effort will be made to negotiatie and mediate and try to resolve a case in a timely manner.

Our Values

Why Choose Us

Our interest and devotion to provide legal services in a professional manner is one of the most important reasons that led us to a distinguished position among law firms. In addition to our attention to the smallest details in dealing with our clients, starting from the first interview until the end of the required legal service and continuing to provide continuous after-service support. We continue to communicate with our client permanently and keep them informed of all the information, details and steps we take to finish the services. This helped in establishing trust between us and all of our clients.

We summarize those values as follow:

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